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tv   Glenn Beck  FOX News  February 28, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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out. another writer said your desperate bid to win over viewers by shamelessly making the comparison shows you to be jaded jack ass you are. i hope to see more of the same. >> we pursue the charlie sheen development that no one else is covering. on fox business. charlie sheen would tell you. if you don't get. because the government of connecticut is doing the same. >> glenn: welcome to the glenn beck program. gas prices have sky rocketed. it has gone up 17 cents a gallon. national average $3.25 a gallon and plausible in the near future that the average person will not be able to afford gas for the car or oil
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to heat the home. we'll be like green. it is total solar industry. is anyone else notice that media doesn't care about the gas prices. the last administration was all about oil companies . now crickets. we are facing the worst oil destable. be patient, be patient. i am sure the media who are close to catch up. they were with egypt. it is not taking you by surprise, it is taking the media. i saw the headline from reuters. >> after the crisis a world wide rise in unrest. yes. they talk about unrest in tuinousia and egypt and maybe saudi arabia and china and europe. boy, that is pretty, if i only had a brain, huh.
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sounds eeriely similar to something else we have seen before. like i don't pay tages to that. we saw in wisconsin and across the country this weekend, protests are now here in america as well. so the media has a little catching up to do. but they are missing the key >> gretchen: that is stirring the pot. a common goal of ending the western way of life. you and your neighbors must not miss what the media is, they are missing who is organizing all of the american dream rallies that happened over the weekend. who did the unions go to to be able to file permits to get the places to have these rallies,? you will not believe it. we'll tell you in a minute, come on.
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>> hello, america. the violence is spreading like wild fire. bahrain saw tens of thousands rally and promise to continue until they see a successful revolution. it is the home of our fith fleet. libya is most on fire. hundreds of thousands of fled to egypt and tunisia to escape the fighting. our war ships are on the way. rebels have control of most of the country except for the capitol compound. protestors flash with the antiprotestors took to the streets including the heavily fortified green zone. 12 civilians died and more than hundred injured. the chinese government is involved. it is dismantling protest
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rapidly before they grow in chin a. tunisia's prime minister resigned before violent clash there. and in egypt. i thought that was strange. i thought that was a big story. what happened to all of the 1576 talk? i forgot. unions are still on strike in egypt . al qaeda is number two calling for egyptian and saudies to continue protesting and demand an islamic government. protest which are illegal in saudi arabia are now scheduled for march 11th and 20th. the protests are illegal there. it is not going to be good. if saudi arabia falls, it affects us a great deal. you have a lot more to worry about than just the price of gas. experts estimated if saudi arabia collapsed oil would be over $200 and it is under $100
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now and $100 is 3.29. if you think that is bad you ain't seen nothing. wait until you see $10 or $11 a gallon. london is already up to $10 a gallon. america, it is time to grow up and have a adult conversation and start looking at the world around us. let me ask you a question. how do you get to work with $6 and how much are you carrying for groceries if the trungers are paying $6000 -- $6 a gallon gasoline. you think the economy can handle this. our very way of life is at stake. the media should be asking these questions, i guarantee that any foe of the western way of life or capitalism, they have asked that
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questions. think of that this way. every quarter at the gas pump for you. is three billion out of america's pocket to whatever the new regime is in the middle east. but it is more than the price of oil. we were told by the media that the ehappening -- egyptians were just tiredav a brutal dictator. i told you it wasn't. why are they setting cars on fire in oil-rich oman. this is something different. it is about the end of the western way of life. that is one common ingredient driving the protest. you saw that when crit teen interviewed the egyptian . katie courik had to leave. there is anger against the west and the western way of
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life. they call us the great satan and there is a global effort to end the free market. in the middle east and all over the globe, people think that capitalism is evil . shockingly many people in america feel the same way. what are they going to replace it with? i told you on the first day of egypt when it started happening. the protest will become contagious and they would spread. well, let's see if that is true. look in our own country. have the protest spread? in seattle protestors claim to reacting to a police shooting. but look at the leaflet they were handing out. here on the ground police are the absolute enemy. they clash and throwing rocks and bottles at them and the group that did it is the anarchist and they were behind
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the protest . this is their website. it is something to read. the site said quote. as anarchist. we know that we cannot find justice under the state and cap pitalism. instead we seek vengeance. we are anarchist who wish to communicate socially and realize that state and capitalism will never just disappear and the time to act is now. >> they went on to say that their dreams to be found in the streets and end to america as we know it. that's what they are looking for. >> you will find the same kind of cent amount with the people like van jones and markist and communist and anarchist and islamist. some are working together and some are not. they want the same thing. various may not agree on everything. but one thing they have in common is my friend, the
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common bond to destroy the western way of life. it is the wave that is sweeping the world . the media continues to ignore it. you must not. we told you before the weekend about the protest planned in all 50 states. stand in solidarity with the union worker in wisconsin and union workers are buying into that lie. they are called save the dream rallies and they are talking about the american dream that we showed you. not the american dream that you understand. they defined it in 2008 in the net roots nation and this has been planned since then. how have they planned the american dream angled for the last two years and announce it as spontanous. they get away because the media doesn't watch. look how many are linked to
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this. tides foundation and communist and labor unies. it is the group of people who want to fundmentally transform american. they come out to protest in sacramento. one thug gets in the face of a tea partier. be careful tea partiers. called them facist and then it gets violent. watch. fascist go home. fascist go home. fascist go home. thank god for the police. in atlanta unions were out protest teparters show up . watch yourself tea partiers. watch one prounion thug heads into the tea party crowd and
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does this. (yelling) (chanting "shame on you." we have the video of the hippies smoking pot and having a rave in the capitol build nothing wisconsin and markist signs hanging everywhere. but no one is paying attention to what the signs are actually saying. is this the american dream to you? are these the people you want to stand by. seiu sent the e-mail out to workers in colorado and other states. in short. we'll turn colorado in wisconsin. the unions were in solidarity of the people of egypt and promised to bring egypt to wisconsin and promising to spread it all over the
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country, the unions are. they are working in salidariity to start a revolution. i know that sounds crazy to the union workers. but hear me out. just like egypt, our theory are radicals work together and seems like there is a globe of evidence to confirm this and more and more each passing day. but there is bon protest we ought to mention. it is washington d.c. it is the one that van jones attended . now, i know a little something about the hoops to go through to get a rally in washington d.c.. we did it in 8-28. they will ask you everything. park service puts you through the ringer and then the media hovers. but the media hasn't investigated the van jones rally . this is a union rally and van
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jones was speaking. they didn't look at this with the same vigor. we did their job for them. who was it that pulled the permit for the rally to save the american deleem? we called the national park service. they confirmed that saturday's rally permit was issued to the international socialist . the union had them pull the permit for the save the american dream rally is a group committed to building a future socialist society from their own website. from the iso stands in terms of revolutionary socialist of the karl marx. union monopoly members to you have to decide. lenin and leon trot sky in the belief that workers themselves the variety majorit of the
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population can win the socialist society. socialism can't be brought about from above but has to be one by workers. you don't hate america and you don't want an end to the western way of life. but you are standing with people unbeknowns to you that do. van jones, everyone said i hear it he's no big deal. do not dismiss the man. he is a 9/11 trooper. he is an unrepentant communist revolutionary and advocated the violent overthrow of the u.s. government and the union rallied with a permit for the american dream event supplied with the international socialist organization. union workers, are you comfortable?
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because you are being used. they are organizing the organized. is that who you want to stand in solidarity. >> pretty sad that al-jazeera seems to see a bigger picture that u.s. news is not talking about. i am, van. he put a link from al-jazeera. he says in the arcticle it says this is not about egypt. this is about global revolution. i never thought i would see the day when van jones and i are thinking about the same truth. al-jazeera recognizes something that the media refuses or doesn't want to see. america, global revolution. i am sorry, you have to take it seriously . you must take van jones seriously. he is ahead of the game . if you want to see the future, look no further than van jones. he has dropped the radical
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pose and now focused on the hard part. this rally was a joke in turn out. 300 or 900 people. it was a joke, but it doesn't matter because it is not about today. all they are doing is planting the seeds to grow. seeds of revolution. what makes that sprout? i don't know. what about $5 gallon gasoline or $8 gallon gasoline . how about the out of control gas prices and food you can't afford because it is going up in price and clothes and colleges. you will see your neighbors run in the arms of the restoration dream people. be careful. they have a longer term plan as well. america you need to watch your kids. they are getting socialist prop ganda and you have to
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look at everything from the school and teachers and the colleges. i want to show you what is happening from loyola university. not only in loyola but berkeley and the university of michigan and moorehead and kentuckies and now leading discussions of revolution 20 thereto 11 from egypt to america revolution class struggle and the return of history. there it is. what is that. >> we looked into it. they talk about how this last month, february 20 thereto 11 is a turning point in world history. that is absolutely true. they say because of all of the revolution. absolutely true. but listen they say these struggles will expand and pour 10 colossal changes in the coming year. true. history has written in the communist manifesto, the history of all hirth to
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existing society is the history of class struggle has returned in every country, above all in the united states. workers face massive social inequality and a political system that is impervous to their interest. what program and perspective is needed to lead the struggles of worker to victry? that's what the universities are about . who is providing the answers. david north, a guy who is chairman and editorial board of world socialist website and national chairman of the socialist equality party. they broke off from the socialist workers party believing that the socialist workers party was not pure enough and they formed their own party.
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socialist equality party. the universities are calling these work shops or whatever the hell they are. revolution class struggles from egypt to america. let me show you the website. it is promoting it and here it is. 2011 conference. the fight for socialism today. that's what they call it. now, there is one more piece of the puzzle. we told you radical islamic social and will work together . one more piece of the puzzle that invaded america this week and you must know about it, next. รณ
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>> glenn: now, i know the media told me about the american style freedom lovers that are rising up around the global. it is crazy to say they are radicals and communist and socialist. we'll work together and the protest will become contagious
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and sweep the middle east and destabilize the europe and the rest of the world. it is crazy. it is crazy to think that the freedom lovers want to bring ideas here to america because they love us so dearly. we told you about the communist and socialist and the radicals all teaming together for the american dream done by the socialist and unions and van jones. another rally to know about. one on july 4th. first one to tell you about. one million man march. we have one million muslim's march. one god, and one uma and one march. this is happening on july 4th to begin the healing after 9/11. 10 years later, thanks, guys . the rally is organized by the guy who helped to find kare and 9/11 trooper . how does it organize when he
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think muslims did it . another rally on this thursday. this is being led by this guy who's great. seriously you recognize him. seen him on sean hanity. americans are the biggest criminal in the world and under his version of sharia law anyone who is intoxicated by alcohol is begin 40 lashes in public . adultery would be stoned to death and every muslim and nonmuslim would have to wear a burka. but that is a distraction from the american heart felt protest and great american groups organizing. that has an american flag so it has to be okay. sharia for america. that's it. you can see here underneath
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sharia for america. it is on fire or taken over and this said a call for revolution. fantastic. fantastic. here it is it. there is the website. we here by call on the muslims in the u.s. in new york, michigan and chicago and washington d.c. to take lesson muslims in north africa and middle east and rise to implement the sharia in america. do you think that this is not the moment i have said for five years and at one point america will be so weak that the enemies all over the world will say go, go, go. what is that? and the rally is organized by the islamic sinker society. this guy and the thinkers society. american muslim group based in new york who can't wait for
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sharia law in america and created a couple of things here. this is the structure of the kalifa, here it is. this is how the structure works. you are not even on the chart. infedels understand the structure of the kalifiah. what? our justice department said there is no such thing as radical islam. it doesn't work and muslim brotherhood is just hanging out to play poke yer stop lining to glenn beck on fox news. there is not a sing person who wants a khilafh flag to fly over from these guys. don't worry about it. by the way, so more they haven't filed for a permit
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application. they are supposed to meet thursday in front of the white house. they don't have a permit from the national park service and maybe they are just worrying to get a union leader to help them out with that.
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[music playing] america's beverage companies are working together to put more information right up front... adding new calorie labels to every single can, bottle, and pack they produce...
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so you can make the choice that's right for you. account secretary of state hillary clinton said all are on the table for future steps and the u.s. is considering a no fly zone to keep gaddafi's administration from firing on its own people . the the administration granted the first permit for deep water oil drilling since last year's bp oil spill. they are able to drill off of the coast of louisiana. for more information on libya go to fox
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bret has the special report. >> we are live in libya with a rebel movement that appears closer to overthrow the regime . what the president asked for in their white house meeting. now back to glenn beck in new york. >> glenn: there is a propaganda war that is beginning now and i don't believe it is intended to actually reap anything from the harvest for a while. until gas prices or food prices or more people lose their jobs. it is important that you know the truth now. our old friend van jones is talking about the american dream which is interesting coming from an unrepentant
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communist. he even organized a nationwide rally to begin with over the weekend. the american dream. we should define the american dream. what is happening now is another on progressive hijacking. the american dream that you dream about is the same opportunity for all. martin luther king jr. talked about it. give me a chance. progressives have made it the same outcome for all . al sharpton said that's what martin luther king jr.'s houses for all . guarantees jobs for all and food and income for all. that's not the american dream. that is so far beyond a progressive dream. how has that progressive dream worked out so far? fortunately for america who has to choose. we have numerous examples of the kind of dream progressive
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policiless lead to. i want to show you this city. tell me what city you think this is. you recognize it. i will give you one clue and you will not believe it. it is a city that would be uninhabitable for centuries to come because of radiation. this is hiroshim a. august 6, 1945 an atomic bomb destroyed 70 percent of the buildings and by the end of the year 140,000 had died. look at the city then. half of the city's population in total died. 200,000 would eventually die from the affects . look at hiroshima today. it is not the wreckalge. what happened? well, people decided they were not going to allow their city to be destroyed forever. the government helped tod
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built the city. what else came. but it was the people embracing the free market system that revitalized the system. let me show you another city. that is when hiro shima looked like it did in destruction. this city looked like this. it was thriving. it is detroit michigan. look at detroit today. one city embraced the free market system and the entrepreneur spirit and the other embraced corrupt government and unions and companies that were not allowed to fail. they stunk on ice . they begged for a bail out and got one and union bosses can their share, too. where as hiro shima has quadrupled in size since the attack. not so much with detroit.
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less than 50 percent of detroit's population in 1950 still live in the city. detroit's poverty rate is more than double than that of the entire u.s.s a whole. 81 percent of the detroit public school student qualify for reduced price lunches . many don't even grat. half . the problem for the left is, oh, detroit inherited the problem from evil george bush and the fat cat rich friends? really democrats have been in power in destroit for over 50 years. no, no, mr. beck. it was the big three autocompanies that ruled detroit and killed motown.
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they companies sucked. but it had nothing to do with democratic policy and corruption like that of convicted mayor kwame kilpatrick and certainly nothing to do with the unions there. they were only there for the workers? not according to richard trumpet head of alcio. >> i got into the labor movement not because i wanted to negotiate wages. i got into the labor movement because i saw the vehicle to do massive social change to include lots of people. that's why i got into the labor movement. >> it is not your wages it is the progressive ideas. he believes in them. you can blame ford and gm bad corporate policies . those policies because of the progressives weren't allowed to reset. no one allowed them to fail.
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bad policis and union deals rocked the city from the corp. that is the path we are now embracing. we are embracing a country that is loving corruption. special favors. union deals and big unions . bailing out businesses that should have failed because they were run poorly. this did what our country is doing now. embracing all of the policies that led to this. but it doesn't have to be this way. but you the citizen and shareholder in the united states of america has to make the choice. our founders said you couldn't live in the country and have freedom if the citizenry was uninformed. a lot of people say i tell you nothing but lies. i encourage you to do your own homework. you must be informed and we
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have to. stop the corruption and convince the american people in detroit will happen here in america and show them the proof of who it was that led those cities there.
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>> glenn: it is nots in the news so much last week, gas prices. everyone in the media had to pay attention to it. but the price of gas went up since we last met last monday 17 cents a gallon. that is in one week. we can't blame bush and cheney
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and haliburton. no one is interested. but because the middle east is on fire and dollar is devalued and we are not drill negligent gulf, it is bound to go higher and if saudi arabia collapses there is real trouble. in libya oil production is down 800,000 every single day. look at monday. 3.16 . every oil price goes up. if i am the president i would open everything up including alaska because gang, the world is changing. this is not a game. it is all chips that are on the table. if we opened it up. alaska would be the eighth
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largest oil field in the world. if we drilled on alaska outer continental shelf it would produce 10 billion barrels and create 55,000 new jobs. let's not do that. no, no. coming up, i want to show you what a wise president would do and why . then what this president is doing. next.
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>> glenn: america, if you get anything at all from my shows recently, i would hope that it would be this. the world is changing . happening under your feet and you must pay attention because our way of life and the entire west is at stake. i want to talk to you about developing domestic sources of oil and gas. why would we do that? where is it going to come from? from the obvious we need energy where else can we get oil? just to be able to survive? well, the russian built a new
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pipe line in europe and provides a quarter of the total eu gas supply. sen countries out of the twen block are totally dependent on russia for gas. they turned the gas and oil off. so why was it that reagan warned that we should never allow a pipe line in europe. what was it he said. they would control all of europe. look at pipe lines and map. there are the pipe lines and all going this direction. who do you think controls these people? who? if libya fails, and they are not counting on saudi arabia because saudi arabia is worried about failure. they get their oil from libya right now. it comes up and goes in all over europe. but if that fails and saudi arabia fails, i guess they
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have russia to count on. is that good for them? multibillionaire tboone pickens said about america. there is a big energy table we don't have a share there and the hall and saudies tell you what you are going to pay for it. well, is there any country that is preparing or looking to the future and doing what we used to do? yes, russia and let's look at china. here's china. they are the 24 countries that china has oil interest in. you think they are going to reduce their carbon footprint in and guess who else is working with china. yes, russians to a 26 billion dollar pipe line. i know we are all friendly as st. bernard puppies and china and russia are our good friend and always will be.
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yeah, america, if the middle east goes down and we don't have oil anymore. how do we hold our country and economy together with $10 gal an gasoline and do you want to be beholden to good friends of ours for the life blood of any country energy or do you believe that solar panel green wind power is going to magically sprout out of the ground. at least canada for us and mexico's production is declining as well. this is why we must drill now. you open up the gulf and shore lines was alaska f. there was oil is there. you could put a brig in my back yard. this is of national security. you will not be able to save the polar bears and fishies and whales if america doesn't survive. if you are an environmentalist
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you think the whale's future is in better hands of this guy. he was shooting whales with that? this is not about the people we have shown you tonight here on the chalk board. all of the same people. seros and van jones and the communist it is not about the american dream. it is ending the western way of life. thoogs why if i or you were president were there today. you would say drill give incentives to drill fast as you k. world is changes. what is this president doing? surprisingly just about an hour ago right before the program went on hair, the white house approved the first drilling permit in the gulf of mexico since the bp oil spill last april. that was, three hundred and 14 days ago . the permit was granted to
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noble energy to bypass one of the list exploded. one new permit in 314 days . the federal judge ordered the white house to make a decision about other pending application from the firms looking to drill in the gulf of mexico . judge noticed how different it was processed. it has been undisputed that before the deep horrison they were processed in two weeks time. in stark country five permits at issue have been pending from four to some nine months. today was the first one about an hour ago. why isn't there more media coverage. because the media would rather play the egent and talk about how ejill governor scott
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walker is rather than let you know the decision that our government is making right now could cripple our way of life.
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the situation in libya remains fluid.
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i got an egg a candy necklace an orange a band-aid a stamp helium i got a mustache [pop] lipstick
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>> glenn: if you are a regular viewer of mine or a listener in any of my 30 yearos


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